Famly Sessions #21 | Why don't Early Years staff believe in themselves?


Working to support children’s development in the earliest parts of their lives requires a phenomenal amount of skill, patience, and passion. 

So why do early years educators struggle to show confidence in their role?

On Wednesday, September 27th, doctoral student and one of the directors of the nursery group Always Growing, Lewis Fogarty, will be hosting a special 40-minute session, asking, “Why don’t Early Years staff believe in themselves?”

Lewis will discuss:

  • What “professional confidence” is and why it matters in a career in the Early Years
  • Recognising how everyone in the Early Years sector can be responsible for professional confidence
  • Empowering everyone to take ownership of their journey towards feeling professional confidence in their role
  • Plus 20 minutes of your questions to Lewis

Lewis says, “Professional Confidence has developed from my Doctoral Thesis where I explored what the purpose of Early Years is and what good leadership in the sector looks like at all levels. Professional Confidence was identified as the key that leaders hold to unlock the hidden potential across the sector. In the right environment, individuals can flourish and be their best selves, in turn ensuring the best possible experiences for the children in our settings.”

Lewis will be providing the slides from the presentation and a few links of interest, so you can continue to learn more after the session - and you'll get a certificate, too. 

Sign up for your free spot today (via the form on this page) and leave your questions. And, if you can't attend live, sign up anyway and we'll send you the recording as soon as we're finished.


See you there!


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Matt Arnerich

Director of Brand & Comms, Famly

Matt Arnerich is Famly's Director of Brand & Comms. He spent his first four years at Famly looking after the articles, guides and videos Famly make, and annoying the engineers with his loud laugh. Nowadays he looks after the story of what makes Famly different, helping us to get closer to our mission to make early childhood truly valued. He's still too loud for the engineers.

Lewis Fogarty

Director, Always Growing

Lewis Fogarty, EdD student and one of the directors of the nursery group Always Growing.

Lewis has experience in educating children from 18 months old up to adults studying for their Master’s Degree. He currently teaches at Brunel University where he supports MA students and works on research in the Early Years, continuous professional development, and leadership. Lewis is also a director at Always Growing, a nursery group with sites around Berkshire.