Famly Sessions: Developing Neurodiversity-Affirming Practice in the Early Years

February 11, 2022

Neurodiversity is a term that is popping up everywhere these days including within the early years sector. The term is often used interchangeably with special educational needs as the sector becomes more aware that the language we choose to use can either reinforce stereotypes or challenge them. The neurodiversity paradigm allows us to explore developmental differences beyond delays, impairments and problems. 

But how do we stop it becoming just another buzzword?

Neurodiversity is not simply a replacement label for “conditions” such as Autism, ADHD, and Dyslexia. It’s the acknowledgement that human development is itself diverse - that while we may identify children who have developmental delays, we will also be caring for and educating children whose development itself is neurologically different. Understanding the potential pathways of development, means that we can truly meet children where they are, and provide experiences that help them to thrive.

On Wednesday 9th February at 7pm, Early Childhood Specialist Kerry Murphy will be hosting a special 40-minute session, followed by 20 minutes where I'll put your questions to her. She'll discuss:

  • The language of neurodiversity, and disability and why it might be time to move away from the term SEN. 
  • The concept of ableism and disablism within the early years, and how this shows up in our everyday practice.
  • Some of the implications of the deficit approach to development differences, and neuromyths
  • How to develop a neurodiversity-affirming mindset when supporting children’s play and learning. 

On top of that, Kerry will be providing an exclusive booklet from the presentation for you to take away afterwards to deepen and improve your practice - and you'll get a certificate to pin to your wall. If you can't attend live, your best bet is to sign up anyway and we'll send you the recording as soon as we're finished.

Sign up for your free spot today (via the form on this page), leave your questions, or shoot them to me in an email at matt@famly.co We can't wait to have you.


This webinar is brought to you by Famly in partnership with Teach Early Years.  

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