Famly Sessions S2E6: Owning the curriculum – what does it mean in the Early Years? *NEW DATE: 26th SEPTEMBER*

October 31, 2022

Since the beginning of the revised Statutory framework as the ‘Early Adopter’ draft, the word ‘curriculum’ has become high profile in a way that the sector hasn’t been used to. In fact, we have always had a curriculum, and now is the perfect time to reclaim the word, own it, and demonstrate to others what it means.

In this session, we will define what is meant by ‘curriculum’, what it means for us and what this requires of us in our practice, provision and pedagogy. These can be confusing times, even if we have worked in the sector for a long time. By examining what ‘curriculum’ means in the Early Years, we can then move forward to why we need to understand it, and finally how we can create a curriculum for our own setting, says Sue Allingham.

On Monday 26th September at 7pm UK time, Consultant, Author & Trainer, Sue Allingham, will be hosting a special 40-minute session, followed by 20 minutes where I'll put your questions to her. She'll discuss:

  • What is a ‘curriculum’? Since the start of the revised Statutory Framework, the word ‘curriculum’ has gained a currency in the sector that was not known previously. This has confused many people.
  •  Why do we need to understand this? We have actually always worked on a curriculum - the Educational Programmes. Now is our chance to own it.
  • How do we do this? Creating a curriculum is based on what we already know, our practice and provision. We will look at how this is done.

On top of that, Sue will be providing the slides from the presentation, so you can continue to learn more after the session - and you'll get a certificate, too. What’s more, if you can't attend live, sign up anyway and we'll send you the recording as soon as we're finished.

Sign up for your free spot today (via the form on this page) and leave your questions. We can't wait to have you.

See you there!


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